Sports Injury

Ayurveda Sports Injury

According to Ayurveda, diseases in the body occurs because of two factors: Nija which occurs inside the body and aganthu which occurs externally.

Sports injuries mainly occur due to constant wear and tear of the body.

When an injury occurs to your body because of sudden action, the body reacts to that condition, which is prompt to fixed status and other provocative reactions, it's a defensive instrument of the body. Because of exorbitant body movement strained muscles, ligaments can get harmed and toxins can also accumulate in the individual organ system and can bring down both mental and physical health status.

At Vedicgram, you get the special treatment of panchakarma therapy which will help you to refresh the body and mind altogether and improve the rational size along with accurateness and influence to endure the stress of life.

    VedicGram is specialised in:

  • Shoulder injuries like rotator cuff injury, shoulder pain, clavicle fracture, dislocations, inflammation of biceps.
  • Knee Injuries and recovery from quadriceps tendon inflammation, ligament injuries, patellar pain, medial menisci injury, knee pain, ACL Tear, articular cartilage injuries and repeated dislocations.
  • Back injuries like lower back pain, muscle strain, sciatica, lumbago. scoliosis slip disc.
  • Hip and thigh Injuries which includes hip bursitis, hamstring, groin strain and quadriceps injuries.
  • Neck injuries include restricted movements, neck pain and stiffness of the neck.
  • Calf and shin injuries like calf pain and muscular cramps.
  • Ankle and foot injuries which include metatarsal fractures, Achilles pain, plantar fasciitis, heal pain, sprained ankle and a broken
  • Arm and elbow injuries like tennis elbow and golfers elbow
  • Thumb and wrist injuries which include wrist bursitis, metacarpal fractures and carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Head injuries
  • Logical and mind boosters
  • Muscular rejuvenation

Consider an instance of ACL tear of the knee, VedicGram ought to take a gander at the phase of damage, you require a right clinical examination and important imaging methods to decide the case. At that point just when it will be clear with respect to the stage and administration of the case. In all instances of ACL tear and related delicate tissue wounds including ligament and ligament wounds of the first degree, second degree, third degree and halfway tears, Ayurveda treatment gives preferable outcomes over the different system without surgery. These are a portion of the discoveries and experience.

    Ayurvedic management:

  • Improves function
  • Strengthens the joints
  • Decrease in disability
  • Alleviates pain

    Discussing Ayurveda treatments:

  • Internal medicines
  • External therapies
  • Physiotherapy
  • Varma Chikitsa
  • Anusastras

Internal medicines

For the most part ashtanga hridaya and susrutha are exceptionally viable in overseeing delicate tissues wounds, there clinical adequacy can be felt inside one week of treatment.

VedicGram provides the specific internal medicines in this regard.

External therapies

External Ayurveda therapies are considered to be one of the best treatment for sports injuries. There are different types of treatment starting from massages with and without oil, Lepanas, Upanaha, Elakizhi, Njavara Kizhi etc.

Bandage or Bandhana considered to be one of the important processes to manage sports-related injuries. Bandages are of various types and the most practised type of bandage is mentioned in the classical book of medicine. It allows the joint immovability and stability which should be the primary concern when it comes to sports medicine.

Varma Chikitsa

This is the procedure which specifically is mentioned in the classics. It is the main action which rises joint mobility and purpose along with management of your pain in the minimum possible time.


Anusastras mainly includes agnikarma and rakhthamoksha which comes under Panchakarma therapy and is very effective to get relief from almost all joint related cases.


Combining of physiotherapy with Ayurveda management improves and in turn increases the success rate in almost all cases.

Musculoskeletal system of Ayurveda management is effective and better than any other therapy without surgery.