Pre & Post Pregnancy

Ayurveda Pre & Post Pregnancy

What is VedicGram’s Pre & Post Pregnancy Care Package about?

Attaining a balance in your both pre and post pregnancy stage is one of the foremost requirements of a to-be or new mother. Right from vitamin and mineral deficiencies to altered weight distribution, rapid body changes, hormonal swings, joint laxity, lack of immunity and behavioral changes; a mother might suffer from a lot during this stage. It is here that VedicGram’s pre and post-natal care service takes care of a mother who can rebuild her strength by taking care of her nutrition, body and overall health.

What problems does VedicGram’s Pre & Post Pregnancy Care Package intend to treat?

- Taking routine tests and screenings to look out for blood tests and check for anemia, HIV, and a mother’s blood type

- Inculcating habit of quitting drinking, smoking and staying away from any kind of toxic substance use

- Measuring and advising on weight gain and weight loss

- Monitoring the baby’s growth and heart rate

- Talking about special diet and exercise

Who all should be using VedicGram’s Pre & Post Pregnancy Care Package?

To-be mothers and new mothers. This package can also be taken by a to-be father or new father and can gifted to their partners.

Why should you use VedicGram’s Pre & Post Pregnancy Care Package?

This package intends make sure you have the best ever time during the pre and post pregnancy - relishing this new phase of life and welcoming it with open arms, both mentally and physically. Our Ayurvedic doctors and specialized consultants will provide custom-made packages and treatment plans of herbal medications and Panchkarma treatment procedures to help you sail through this wonderful phase. By using our state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure improvement in the condition of your health and provide you with a lifelong wellness advise by the end of the treatment.

What are the feature of VedicGram’s Pre & Post Pregnancy Care Package?

- The package can last for 1 month of for 1 year based on your customized needs

- Consultation is offered via texts, audio and video calls

- Herbal medications and Panchkarma Treatments will be conducted

- Zero-side effects

- Consultation can be provided on a call and medication will be delivered at home via courier as well.

    What is the plan of treatment for VedicGram’s Pre & Post Pregnancy Care Package?

  • After a detailed consultation, wellness is tracked and if problem of any sort persists, symptoms are analysed.
  • Discussing what to expect when you are pregnant.
  • Preparing you for the birth.
  • Teaching you basic skills for caring for your baby.
  • Medical history of the patient is acquired.
  • The root causes of the problem is diagnosed.
  • Appropriate medication, Panchkarma treatments and lifestyle changes are suggested

What is the real-time expected outcome of VedicGram’s Pre & Post Pregnancy Care Package?

- A complete know-how of what is happening inside of you and how you can be well-prepared for it

- Vaginal care, beauty care, and dietary modifications

- Complete safety of you and your baby

- Relief from any kind of pregnancy complication

- Drastic improvement in the way you will feel from inside, out

- Overall maximisation of health