Pathological Investigation

Pathological Investigation

Physical Diagnosis By Vedic Doctors

Horoscope gives several clues to your health and what you might do to improve problems you may have with it. That's the basic scheme for the first level of evaluation, but it quickly becomes more complicated than this, since all signification in Vedic Astrology have multiple meanings, and every rule has exceptions. For instance, although the planet Saturn, as the planet of suffering, is detrimental to health generally, its placement in the 8th house of the chart gives good longevity because Saturn signifies endurance. The houses in the chart are sectors of the Heavens registered to the Horizon. In medical astrology each house corresponds to a particular part of the body. An affliction or weakness showing up in a particular house of a birth chart gives a clue to the area of the body that is vulnerable to disease:

    There are seven levels of the pulse

  • 1st house : Head (and general health) 7th house : Rectum, Pelvic Area
  • 2nd house : Mouth and Neck; Teeth 8th house : Genitals (and Longevity)
  • 3rd house : Hands, Arms, Shoulders, Upper Lungs 9th house : Hips, Thighs
  • 4th house : Chest, Lungs, Heart 10th house : Knees
  • 5th house : Stomach, Upper Digestive Tract 11th house : Lower Legs
  • 6th house : Intestines (and disease in general) 12th house : Feet
  • Each planet governs specific body functions and parts of the anatomy

  • Sun: Heart, Bones, Spine (and general vitality)
  • Moon: Blood, Stomach, Breasts, Body Fluids, Heart-Mind (Feelings/ Psychological)
  • Mars: Muscles, Circulation of BloodMercury: Nervous System, Skin, Speech, Intellect
  • Jupiter: Liver, Gall Bladder, Fat in the body
  • Venus: Uro-genital system, Kidneys, Hormones, Female organs
  • Saturn: Joints, Knees, Teeth
  • Additionally

    The Natural Malefic planets, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu, have areas of ill health that they specialize in:
    Mars governs Accidents, Injury, Fevers and Infections, and SurgerySaturn rules over Chronic Conditions, Debility, Exhaustion, and Depression Rahu presides over Unusual Diseases, Poisons, Cancer, Loss of Consciousness Ketu rules Mysterious Diseases, "Unseen" causes, i.e., Viruses and Parasites, and Karmic Disease.