Gyne Care

Ayurveda Gyne Care

What is VedicGram’s Gynecological Care Package about?

By using expert Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners approach, we promote the healthcare of child and mother by providing an adequate Ayurvedic diet, a deeper approach into garbhasankaar and sutika paricharya, and not to mention initiating the treatment by increasing the fertility. Based on the principles of understanding modern problems with an Ayurvedic aka curative view point, our integrated programmes uses evidence-based and time-tested medicine in Ayurveda. Our gynecology department deals with menstrual disorders, diseases of the female genital tract and veneral diseases. We recommend a special regimen for care and maximization of the pregnant woman’s health, by laying certain guidelines for the birth of a healthy child. We offer consistent results to patients in the form of timely, cost-effective and therapeutic benefits. Through our customized and tailor-made Prakriti analysis for individual patients, we co-relate the problems to the genetic formation of a person.

What problems does VedicGram’s Gynecologist Care Package intend to treat?

- Menstrual irregularities

- Over bleeding

- PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease)

- Uterine prolapse

- Fibroids

- Severe pain

- Rapid weight gain or weight loss

- White discharge

- Discomfort

Who all should be using VedicGram’s Gynaecologist Care Package?

To-be mothers and new mothers. This package can also be taken by a to-be father or new father and can gifted to their partners.

Why should you use VedicGram’s Gynaecologist Care Package?

This package intends make sure you have the best ever time during the pre and post pregnancy - relishing this new phase of life and welcoming it with open arms, both mentally and physically. Our Ayurvedic doctors and specialized consultants will provide custom-made packages and treatment plans of herbal medications and Panchkarma treatment procedures to help you sail through this wonderful phase. By using our state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure improvement in the condition of your health and provide you with a lifelong wellness advise by the end of the treatment.

What are the feature of VedicGram’s Gynaecologist Care Package?

- The package can last for 1 month of for 1 year based on your customized needs

- Consultation is offered via texts, audio and video calls

- Herbal medications and Panchkarma Treatments will be conducted

- Zero-side effects

- Consultation can be provided on a call and medication will be delivered at home via courier as well.

    What is the plan of treatment for VedicGram’s Gynecologist Care Package?

  • After a detailed consultation, wellness is tracked and if problem of any sort persists, symptoms are analysed.
  • Discussing what to expect when you are pregnant.
  • Preparing you for the birth.
  • Teaching you basic skills for caring for your baby.
  • Medical history of the patient is acquired.
  • The root causes of the problem is diagnosed.
  • Appropriate medication, Panchkarma treatments and lifestyle changes are suggested

What is the real-time expected outcome of VedicGram’s Gynecologist Care Package?

- A complete know-how of what is happening inside of you and how you can be well-prepared for it

- Vaginal care, beauty care, and dietary modifications

- Complete safety of you and your baby

- Relief from any kind of pregnancy complication

- Drastic improvement in the way you will feel from inside, out

- Overall maximization of health