Ayurveda De-Addiction

Available: 21 Days or 28 Days

The packages at VedicGram is related to get rid of the different issues that is required to resolve the significances related to problems like drugs, liquor addiction and smoking.

These are the major economic and social difficulties disturbing the normal life of the people, his or her family members and the society as a whole. VedicGram underlines how important these de- addiction packages are and how it can help the people and the society as a whole.

Drug and liquor addiction are the increasing threats in today’s current scenario. So VedicGram has undertaken this psychological aspect to help get rid of these issues.

The packages deal more in the psychological aspect where the underlying reason is mental worries, stress and strain issues and problems. These packages let you strengthen your mind and helps to get rid of your problems from the ground level.

Recommended for personalised treatment programmes based on the mental condition of the person.

The treatments vary from person to person and each person is treated differently based upon his mental situation with herbal medicinal products that help in removing the toxic wastes from the body, strengthening of the internal tissues and bring back the person to his normal life.

The important part is that the person should have a desire and willingness to give up this evil act in the whole recovery process.

De-addiction Treatments

  • Detox treatments
  • Rasayana treatments
  • Thalam
  • Herbal steam bath
  • Massage
  • Dhara
  • Njavarakizhi

Internal herbal medicines are also prescribed for instant recovery. Yoga, meditation and counselling are also a part of the de-addiction treatments at VedicGram.