Corporate Wellness

Ayurveda Corporate Wellness

As the leading experts in tailor-made sound occasions around the world, VedicGram are enthusiastic about making a positive and healthy workplace where representatives and organizations flourish. Regardless of whether getting away on a solo wellbeing holiday to de-push and loosen up or setting out on a group wellness holiday, get the best offer for healthy and happy professional life.

Why your business would benefit from corporate wellness holidays?

In today's fast moving life and working conditions, long extended working hours and increasing workloads have prompted to expanding levels of stress and strain in the working environment. The special holiday packages offer the perfect arrangement in making the chance to totally detach from the anxiety of your today routine and concentrate on your wellbeing and prosperity, returning back to work restored and completely focused.

You not only learn about the healthy way to live, the tailor-made services- the fitness regimes are perfect for a holiday to encourage you to take back home the healthy living practices to make positive attitude towards life, boosting up the energy levels, more productivity at work and a positive attitude at work as well.

VedicGrams corporate wellness holiday offer will provide you a whole new benefits, from great staff loyalty to positive attitude towards work, increased productivity at work will not only benefit the employees but the company as well.

What types of holidays do Health and Fitness Travel offer?

Short Break

Offer your body the reprieve it requires, notwithstanding when you're short on time, select 3-night body breaks in Europe. Five star healthy breaks offer the ideal time away for wellness, unwinding and a change of landscape. Energize your brain and body with different exercises, including individual training, spa medications and group exercise classes, from climbing to yoga, to come back to work feeling re-established and recharged.


This offers a long-term solution to escape the daily tensions and stresses in life, with complete diet, exercise and lifestyle management programmes retreated to design to manage the stress through a drastic change in your lifestyle.

With transformed energy and healthier look, return to your office revived, motivated and ready to tackle any work-related issues.

Feel Healthy

Choose a positive way of life change by expanding your health and wellness, select Feel Healthy holiday package, boosting your immune system and as well as your productivity at work. With classes and exercises range from high-intensity aerobics to mountain biking and yoga to sea kayaking, tailor-made optimal escape with your most loved therapies and activities. These holiday offers are intended to let you feel unique while having some good times with outcome driven.

Body Cleansing

Unhealthy weight control plans and the worry of every day work life frequently prompts to develop weakening toxins inside our body. Rinse and renew your system on engaged detox holiday offers with a program of healthy nourishment, detoxifying spa medicines and wellbeing consultation from experts. Return home refreshed for a new beginning of life with advantages. For example, decreased anxiety, mentally stable, better processing and a more grounded immune system.


From systems administration in a heaven with a group playing golf or tennis or get away all alone on a cycling break or a surfing holiday, keep yourself dynamic around the globe with different games to suit yourself according to your need. An incredible approach to lift spirit and practice group building while upgrading individual wellbeing and wellness. Take advantage of having sufficient energy to appreciate a scope of games in incredible destinations around the world.

Yogic Mantra

Regardless of whether you are voyaging solo or on a group vacation, yoga and other thoughtful activities can give a substantially more settled method for joining your workforce. Through invigorating the brain and taking in the advantages of a healthy way of life. Valuable for stress help, torment alleviation, expanded mental ability and self- esteem programmes, VedicGrams yoga holiday offer private educational and group yoga classes. Appropriate for beginners and devoted yogi partners alike, explore different avenues from different scope of practices, from Bikram to Asthanga.

Executive Programmes

Executive coaching holiday programmes are planned particularly for administrators and incorporate better lifestyle, dietary and wellness honing. All projects are conveyed to guarantee that your official group can perform at the highest point of their diversion and accomplish top execution in the working environment.

Programs go from weekends to seven days or longer to accomplish most extreme outcomes and support long haul execution later on in the future.