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Ayurveda Being Care

What is VedicGram's Female-Being Care Package about?

Women and men just aren't a copy of each other, especially when it comes to their health risks. From heart diseases to breast cancer, depression to auto-immune disorders and osteoporosis; the women of today needs to work in partnership with qualified doctors and consultants to be safe, healthy and hearty. While we all know what makes us feel good, we also know what makes us feel bad, hence understanding your body is a key. And that is what exerts at VedicGram do for you! We help you find you inner power and stay true to yourself, all while staying in the pink of your health.

What problems does VedicGram's Female-Being Care Package intend to treat?

- Any and all kind of female-related well-being

- Physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being of women

- Being young and getting older gracefully

Who all should be using VedicGram's Female-Being Care Package?

Anybody who is a woman. Child, teenager, adult, middle-aged, adult or elderly - all types of women must avail our services to understand themselves and be in tune with their wholesome, indispensable self.

Why should you use VedicGram's Female-Being Care Package?

This package intends to uplift your self-image, boost your confidence and relief you from any kind of lifestyle and chronic discomforts that arise in life. Our Ayurvedic doctors and specialized consultants will provide custom-made packages and treatment plans of herbal medications and Panchkarma treatment procedures to uproot your problem from its roots. By using our state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure improvement in the condition of your wellness and provide you with a lifelong wellness advise by the end of the treatment.

What are the feature of VedicGram's Female-Being Care Package?

- The package lasts for 60 days

- Consultation is offered via texts, audio and video calls

- Herbal medications and Panchkarma Treatments will be conducted

- Zero-side effects

- Consultation can be provided on a call and medication will be delivered at home via courier as well.

What is the plan of treatment for VedicGram's Female-Being Care Package?

  • After a detailed consultation, symptoms are analysed.
  • Medical history of the patient is acquired.
  • The root causes of the problem is diagnosed.
  • Appropriate medication, Panchkarma treatments and lifestyle changes are suggested

What is the real-time expected outcome of VedicGram's Female-Being Care Page Package?

- Attaining harmony of mind, body, soul and social well-being

- Authentic & timely advice & tips on diet, health, beauty, yoga, spirituality and food

- Annual blueprint of your physical, mental & spiritual health

- Relief from any kind of pain

- A know-how of maintaining and updating your overall wellness

- Drastic improvement in functioning of overall health

- Complete upliftment and maximization of health