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Vedic Yoga & Spirituality

The word Yoga in Sanskrit means 'union'. All implying to be one with yourself, your conscious and soul along with universes' conscious or spirit. Even though yoga in contemporary times is touted as one of the safest, most effective and highly intensified from of weight loss physical exercise; in reality, yoga asanas are just the superficial aspect of this deepest form of science. It has the capability to unearth the eternal number of possibilities and potentials of human mind, body and soul. Its origin dates back to pre-Vedic Indian traditions as it is mentioned in the Rigvedas.
A wonderfully specialised branch of our comprehensive ecosystem, at VedicGram we help you get acquainted, and even master, with the art of Yoga through various forms and versions. They are:

Hatha Yoga - This is a system of yoga that uses only physical aspect of moving postures, or asanas, in a way that you tone and purify your body. It helps in controlling the internal state of the body and making it more aware of its surroundings, soon rendering the body to be fit and motivated to meditate in silence.
Karma Yoga - Here, we delve deep into the art of learning to be selfless and to treat oneself as a part of one larger universe of the divine, without being too attached to the fruits of results. We encourage the performance of all actions in a state of consciousness where the all almighty is the doer, humans being the medium of his actions.
Mantra Yoga - Helping you concentrate your energies, mind and overall consciousness towards a certain mantra, or japa; our Mantra Yogas are often linked to a particular aspect of spirit.
Bhakti Yoga - In this sort of yoga, we help the individuals to strive towards the love of the higher power. This basically starts with loving each and every being, hence aiming towards an unceasing worship.
Raja Yoga - Dictated and rather immortalised by Bhagavan Krishna, in Raj Yoga we follow the formally systemised route of following the highest, royal most path of Yoga.