Vedic Wellness

Every day you try to make choices, Vedic Gram guides you.

Whether you are performing your habits consciously or unconsciously, these choices of yours either creates wellness or pain or imbalance.

Getting rid of your pain and living a healthy life comes down to what you do on a daily basis- which includes what food you eat, the activities you perform, your sleep patterns and taking self- care on a daily basis.

All you need to know is find out what best serves you, not according to your daily basic needs but according to the changing external factors of life as well.

While a balance between your health and your natural state is important, a step outside of your health is the choice you make like excess tensions, excess focus on your internal lifestyle known as Doshas in Ayurveda, toxic food substances etc.

These choices you make from the outer world like toxic food, mental messages, sensory input, the weather and climate effects as well and other choices like your habits, your behaviour and thoughts are the understated energy behind any action.

Too much of anything or any repetitive activity of yours can create imbalance of your health and a state of imbalance in your mind, your body leads you through the path of various types of pain.

The causes of pain and the symptoms affecting your life are the signals but these are not your true problem. Although it gives you pain and these problems are not comfortable, but they serve as the purpose informing you that there is a problem.

This is where you need to pay attention to your issues. If you try to ignore it, you might be able to cover up your pain, but you can’t ignore the pain underneath.

The pain will not only return, but it is also likely to build additional potential to the symptoms of pain.

Every type of pain gives signs to different signs of problems. Your Ayurvedic practitioner is trained to assess the root cause of your problems and identifies and balances it into one of the three forces or Doshas. On the basis of the problem identified, you will undergo your treatment.

A balance at the root level is likely to restore a good health and help to get rid of your pain. A plan to create the perfect balance in your life.


  • Discover, a new way to rejuvenate life.
  • Get free of your tensions, stress and lower your pain, dissatisfaction from professional life.
  • Develop self- care activities and healthy eating habits to live a healthy and happy life.
  • Attain and relive your goals through trivial and steady lifestyle changes combined with professional structure and support.