Vedic Nutrition

Contrary to the popular belief in Ayurveda, taste just doesn't mean the taste buds located on the tongue, but it implies to the final reaction food will have in the acid medium of the stomach. In the mouth, taste is known as Svadhu, where in the stomach it's called Paka. In Ayurvedic Nutritional Medicine, there are six types of rasas, or taste, mentioned. They are:

    The therapies of Panchakarma include:

  • Madhura - sweet
  • Amla - sour
  • Lavana - salty
  • Katu - hot
  • Tikta - bitter
  • Kashai - astringent

These six tastes must be balanced adequately according to Ayurvedic principles. Used even for the formation of herbal medicines, VedicGram believes that food is the medicine that can heal you or can put you at the risk of grave diseases and ailments. For example, people who have to balance their Kapha and Pitta, they should eat more of bitter and astringent foods. This is because it helps you in cleaning your body by fighting water retention and congested liver problems. It is here that VedicGram's high-calibre and experienced nutritionists' advices on food, Ayurvedic churnas, or spice mixes, help you in conveniently incorporating these tastes into the diet.

At VedicGram, we understand that food is the most important, obvious and potent way by which you can manage your metabolic fire and invoke balance and harmony in life. Ayurveda goes beyond the Westen route of eating light, easy, and digestive foods. Accompanied by our deeper knowledge in how Sattvic foods ignite agni and how by eating appropriate quantities and combination of foods you can strengthen Jathara Agni (the central digestive fire in your body), VedicGram excels in the art of providing complete detoxification, lifestyle changes and healthy dietary recommendations through our top-notch nutritional services..