Vedic Medicine

Rooted in the historical roots of the Indian subcontinent, Ayurvedic medicine has been legendarily linked with transmission of medical knowledge from Gods to sages to human physicians. Varied and evolved since more than two millennia, Ayurvedic treatments are typically based on complex herbal compounds.
Specialised in detecting the diseases or illnesses from an early stage of detectable, Ayurveda is popular for even evaluating diseases, which have been regarded as undetectable by the modern medical investigation.
At VedicGram, we have specialised doctors, consultants, and specialists who rely on a minimum of 600 herbal formulas of plants, oils, spices and herbs. At times, metals are mixed with botanicals, and other times naturally sustainable formulas are used, all formulated from Ayurvedic text procedure and preparations. Our formulas of medicine help in cleaning the body and restoring balance under the direction of properly trained practitioners and staff members.