Vedic Gynecology

VedicGram's Department of Gynecology deals with the overall health and wellness of mother and baby. By using expert Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners approach, we promote the healthcare of child and mother by providing an adequate Ayurvedic diet, a deeper approach into garbhasankaar and sutika paricharya, and not to mention initiating the treatment by increasing the fertility. Based on the principles of understanding modern problems with an Ayurvedic aka curative view point, our integrated programmes uses evidence-based and time-tested medicine in Ayurveda. Our gynecology department deals with menstrual disorders, diseases of the female genital tract and venereal diseases. We recommend a special regimen for care and maximization of the pregnant woman's health, by laying certain guidelines for the birth of a healthy child. We offer consistent results to patients in the form of timely, cost-effective and therapeutic benefits. Through our customized and tailor-made Prakriti analysis for individual patients, we co-relate the problems to the genetic formation of a person. Combined with our art in Vedic Astrology and Vedic Vastu, we can also predict diseases and offer preventive interventions and lifestyle modifications to our patrons.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts is trained in the ayurvedic management of optimal gynecologic well-being throughout the different phases of a woman's life, including those in her pre-reproductive, child-bearing & menopausal years.

At VedicGram with our efforts and expertise, we help people with above-mentioned conditions and enable them to continue the journey of life with the healthiest possible way.


  • Cancer
  • Pre-cancerous diseases
  • Incontinence of urine
  • Amenorrhoea
  • Dysmenorrhoea
  • Infertility, Menorrhagia, Infections
  • Prolapse of pelvic organs