Beauty Clinic

Vedic Beauty Clinic

Vedic Beauty Clinic offers you beauty care procedures using various medicinal herbs, herbal extracts, fresh fruits and natural products.
Vedicglow's Ayurvedic facial care treatments include cleansing, toning and rejuvenating and the application of a nutrifying mask or facial pack that goes into the detailed layers of your skin and works from within. Every procedure at Vedicglow makes use of naturally sourced ingredients, making sure that every treatment with us suits all kinds of skin types. The carefully planned out face care treatments ensure that your skin glows naturally, both from within and outside.

  • Deep Cleansing for Oily and Acne prone skin

(Let your skin heal from inside with meem and brahmi and get rid off acne!)

  • Advance Acne Treatment

(Give your skin a beautiful, clear finish by applying the magic ofaloevera, lavender, cucumber, tea tree and neem that promotes healing and protects skin against bacteria)

  • De-Pigmentation Clean up

(Clear skin is now attainable with green tea breaking down melanin and shea butter providing smoothness and glow.)

  • Anti Pigmentation Treatment

(Let the pigmentation on your skin disappear using mulberry and clove as it helps the collagen to repair while rosemary removes extra melanin formation on the skin.)

  • Skin Whitening Clean Up

(Liquorice and turmeric increases cell oxygenation, resulting in fair and even-toned skin.)

  • Skin Lightening and Tan Removal Treatment

(Here, we use advance skin-lightening therapy using whitening ingredients like seaweed extracts, dewberry and cucumber that reduces sun tan, increases moisture and provides baby-smooth finish to your skin.)

  • Anti Ageing/Skin tightening Treatment

(Look young with the high-grade Argon oil based therapy, which helps in reducing wrinkles on your face.)

  • Advance Age Defying Regime

(Wheat germ, carrot seed extract, and gold pigments penetrates deep into your skin giving it tightening, lightening and brightening effect.)

  • Fruit Punch Premium Facial Treatment (Normal to Dry Skin)

(Give your skin tasty nourishment with the blend of fresh fruits, curd, and caramel leaving you with anutterly smooth and hydrated skin.)

  • Quick Organic Clean up

(No time for skin care routine? Get yourself a clean up using brown sugar and sandalwood,which is guaranteed to impart instant glow.)

  • Confident Eyes ( Therapy for Dark circles)

(With the extracts of coffee bean and Argan oil, give your eyes the confidence they always need by cleansing, hydrating and whitening the under eye area.)

  • Organic Hand and Foot Care Treatment

(Relax your hands and feet using lavender and vanilla extract and help them to heal for a soft and smooth touch.)

  • Foot Relief Treatment

(Bring relief to your aching feet by reducing muscular tension and keep them free from callous and dirt.)

  • Kanchan Kaya ( Body Polishing Treatment)

(Treat yourself like a queen with our essential oils of orange, lavender, yIang yIang and get a glowing and toned body.)

  • Organic Ubtan Therapy (For Instant Glow)

(Give your body the sheen it always craved for, with our exclusive combination of herbal formulas.)

  • Herbal Body De-Tanning and Exfoliation

(Get rid of dead skin and unwanted patches with this regular herbal routine.)

  • Body Acne Treatment

(Get rid of stubborn body acne through our cleansing and exfoliation regimem armed with the goodness o calamine and basil.)

Hair Care Treatments

  • Oiling Ritual

(Restore shine and strength of your hair with Moroccan oil therapy.)

  • Restorative Organic Hair Treatment

(Give each strand of your locks the smoothness and hydration it needs with the natural oils and herbal tonics having the goodness of henna, amla, bhringraj and Argan oil.)

  • Henna Treatment

(Get the volume, which you have always craved for with our unique henna treatments.)

  • Hair Fall Treatment

(Forget hair fall using unique Keshvardhak lepas and oils to style them the way you want!)

Slimming Treatments

  • Tone Up

(Shape yourself up with our anti cellulite herbal treatments and herbal body wraps.)