Ayurveda Rejuvenation

Get rid of your tensions, relax and heal yourself to a deeper level with therapeutic body massage or combination of all the packages to relax yourself.

All the packages you opt for will begin with consultation first to know your body type, your tensions and Doshi needs to balance the oil and products for your body.


Garshana + Abhyanga + mini sense rejuvenation + Shirodhara

(Package: 14350 - 2 hours)

With this package, you get to experience a complete rejuvenation and relaxation.

The process begins with Garshana which is the refreshment of the body to prepare the body to open pores to promote detoxification and stimulate the lymphatic drainage which encourages circulation, improves the oxygenation of the tissues, getting rid of the dead skin cells and opening the pores for oil absorption.

The sensory organs- the nose and ears are treated with warm and herbal medicinal oil drops, while your eyes are revived with rosewater drops.

And your body is then nourished with Abhyanga, a warm herbal medicinal oil massage to get deep relaxation, nutrition to the skin and tissues, a perfect inner healing balance to the body.

The treatment is then slowly shifted to the mind with a procedure known as Shirodhara- it is the pouring of herbal medicinal oil over the forehead, a third eye treatment to relax your head and take care of your nervous system, the tensions and emotions, the sleepless nights, mental problems and depressions.

At the end of the session, you get an aromatic hot body compression to increase deeper absorption of the oil.


Marma massage + Ayurveda energy healing + Ayurvedic Marma Facial

(Package: 15,050 - 2 hours)

This treatment is to provide multi- dimensional energy which includes Ayurveda energy way of healing of the core polarity and chakra balancing with 28-point massage known as Marma massage to open the core centres of the body to provide a deep cleansing and revitalization of the body.

This soothing session ends with Ayurvedic Marma facial for complete balancing of the body and provides the ultimate bliss.

A soft fragrance, herbal creams and soothing aromas are used to open and awaken your sense organs, improve the connection of your heart and mind, mental relaxation and calmness of your mind.


Abhyanga + Shirodhara

(Package: 10,500 - 90 minutes)

Experience the complete happiness and relaxation of the traditional Ayurvedic therapies. This body treatment begins with Abhyanga, which is the oil massage for the front and back side of your body. To prepare the body for this procedure, it begins with Shirodhara, which is the warm oil treatment on the forehead for the third eye.

At the end of the session, get an aromatic warm compression to increase deeper absorption of the oil.


Abhyanga + Garshana

(Package: 8,750 - 90 minutes)

With this upgraded Abhyanga package, you experience the inner peace, along with smooth and soft skin.

The treatment begins with Garshana which is the refreshment of the body to prepare the body to open pores for Abhyanga, the warm oil massage.

At the end of the session, get an aromatic warm compression to increase deeper absorption of the oil.


Karna Purana + Abhyanga + Nasya + Netra Tarpana

(Package: 9800 - 90 minutes)

Nourish your body and senses with this total nourishment package. The pairing of the two popular treatments Abhyanga, which is warm oil massage to provide soothing sense and rejuvenating therapy for your eyes, ears and nose.

At the end of the session, get an aromatic warm compression to increase deeper absorption of the oil.

Sense therapies include:

Nasya: This is the sinus and nasal treatment which uses the herbal medicinal warm oil to clean the nose tract and open channels of the head, improve the oxygen supply and proper function of the brain.

This therapy is known as tri- doshas but is good for Kapha and Vata conditions in which the dirt particles have accumulated in the nose, throat, sinus and head.

Provides great relief to people suffering from sinus, allergies, migraine, chronic headaches, cold, loss of smell. It also provides relief to eye and ear problems including tinnitus.

Karna Purana: This is a treatment in which the ears are massaged slightly with a warm steam towel with a few drops of herbal medicinal oil at room temperature.

Highly recommended for people who are exposed to high levels of noise and air pollution, also for people who uses mobile phones frequently.

Great treatment in providing support to jaw tensions, vertigo, ringing in the ears, hearing problem, frequent ear infections, sinus problems, colds and allergy.

Netra Tarpana: This treatment is to improve your sight, heal stiffness of the eyes, roughness and pain around the eyes, also strengthens the eyes and protects from sun rays.

The nourishing lukewarm ghee is the perfect eye bath therapy, recommended for anyone who is having problems in reading and is frequently exposed to laptops and computer.

Cleansed and refreshed eyes with improved vision.


Head and face massage + Herbal facial steam + Nasya + Karna Purana + Netra Tarpana

(Package: 6650 - 60 minutes)

This sensory rejuvenation is the substitute treatment of the above package.

This nourishing therapy begins with the warm facial steam of the head and face massage to get relieved from the upper body tensions.

Once the pores open, the nourishing sense like Karna Purana, Nasya and Netra Tarpana are applied.

You get an over-stimulated sense organs which are the main portal through which your nervous system interacts with the external world.